UPDATE: According to the state's attorney, the case against Marisol Lombardo was dismissed.

Marisol Lombardo, 47, of Fairfield, was charged with driving under the influence early Sunday after police said she led officers on a chase on Interstate 95.

A Westport police sergeant tried to stop Lombardo on Post Road East at the Westport-Fairfield town line, according to police, but Lombardo did not stop and headed towards Fairfield.

Lombardo then got on I-95, headed north, where she swerved from the right lane into the middle lane, police said. Although the pursuit ranged between 45 and 55 mph, Lombardo's driving was "hazardous" to other drivers on the turnpike as she swerved "wildly" back and forth into her lane, police said. Lombardo eventually stopped by Exit 27 as State Police and Bridgeport police cruisers surrounded her vehicle, police said.

When officers approached Lombardo, there was an odor of alcoholic beverage on her breath, police said. She was unable to stand on her own and her eyes were not completely open, police said. Field sobriety tests were not administered as it "would have been unsafe to have her do so" because of her condition, police added.

Lombardo was charged with operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol and disobeying the signal of an officer. She was released on $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear Oct. 9 in Norwalk Superior Court.