A college senior from Westport has won a $10,000 prize to develop a liberal-arts education initiative in China.

Willem Molesworth is scheduled to graduate this spring from Bard College in Annondale-on Hudson, N.Y., and has been awarded a Davis Projects for Peace prize to fund the work in China, Bard announced.

Molesworth will work with faculty at Qingdao University to develop a curriculum and pedagogy for a liberal arts seminar, Bard said in a news release. The seminar will be offered this summer to 10 to 15 Qingdao University students.

The seminar will be preceded by a series of weekly conferences and talks that will address the challenges posed by the Chinese educational system and explore ways to meet them, Bard said.

The goal is that the individuals who attend the conference and the seminar participants continue this work beyond the summer, deepening and extending the influence of the liberal arts in China, according to the release.