Westporter's company keeps supply chain moving

Westport State Sen. Will Haskell, third from left, visits with Sonics & Materials, Inc. employees recently.

Westport State Sen. Will Haskell, third from left, visits with Sonics & Materials, Inc. employees recently.

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Westport resident Lauren Soloff’s manufacturing company, deemed an essential business, has been operating continuously throughout the coronavirus crisis to meet customers’ needs as they address peak demand for PPE items and lab equipment.

Manufacturing ultrasonic equipment in Connecticut for over five decades, Sonics & Materials, Inc. of Newtown delivers systems that are used for textile and plastics assembly as well as specialized lab equipment. As companies rush to adapt to new demands, Soloff’s company has been supplying products to customers who produce face masks, surgical gowns, protective face shields and medical devices, as well as to research labs who are involved in the race to find coronavirus rapid tests, treatments and vaccines.

To keep their customers equipped with what they are needing to fight coronavirus, and to continue operating through the pandemic, Sonics has had to adapt to a totally new business model, with many employees working remotely from home and on-site manufacturing personnel divided into two teams for increased social distancing. Not to mention the new implementation of disinfecting and sanitizing routines that were unheard of just two months ago.

Sonics has adapted to the new normal, however, and Soloff, company president, is very proud of how employees have responded to this unique and unprecedented crisis in which manufacturing companies are playing their most critical role since the second World War. “Like our fellow manufacturers across the country, we are committed to helping our customers fight this pandemic, while delivering our products and service in a way that maintains the health and safety of our employees. In fact, I notice a new spirit amongst all of us at the company which I think comes from a genuine desire to actively contribute to this fight we all find ourselves in now.”

Sonics has been working directly with customers combatting the severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers on the frontlines of this pandemic. Recently for instance, Sonics has delivered hand held welding systems to companies that use them to weld the elastic strip to the sides of clear protective face shields.