WESTPORT — A Westport youth showed up to “Good Morning America“ on Tuesday to showcase her latest invention — the “Happy Ride.”

Olivia Cohn, 11, said the Happy Ride is a personal air vent that brings air directly to one person into the car without bothering other riders. The invention showcases a tube that connects to a car window to allow fresh air for those with motion sickness.

Cohn appeared on the “You Gotta See This: Kidventors edition” segment of the television show. She also won the 2018 National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Exposition for her invention.

She said the inspiration for the product started while riding with her father contemplating a problem to solve with a new invention. However, she found difficulty thinking of an idea due to motion sickness.

“That’s when I realized my real problem,” she told the “Good Morning America” hosts.

She noted her latest display of the invention was her fifth edition of the idea. To assist in alleviating motion sickness, the Happy Ride comes with scented essential oils to relieve car sickness.

For the future, Cohn said she hopes to help others with her new invention.

“I have a car sickness problem and I know a bunch of other kids do,” she said. “I want to spread this solution by manufacturing this.”