Some singers find their voice early on. Some don't find it until after marriage and two children. Terri Miles Mason is one of the latter. A meditation instructor who leads conscious-awareness classes, Mason can now add recording artist to her dossier.

Her genre is New Age ambient, and her CD, "Om Gaia, Songs of the Earth," has been well received. The International Association of Independent Recording Artists certified it as an International "Top 10," and nominated it in 2009 for best vocal album and best relaxation/meditation album. ranked "Om Gaia" No. 4 on its Top 100 New Age World Radio Chart for two months in a row.

"I think we all have gifts and talents that we just haven't focused on," said Mason, who will be appearing Saturday at Kaia Yoga in Westport. The event will combine music with guided meditation.

Her vocal ability is something she hadn't realized until she attended a festival in Rhineback, N.Y., five years ago. The Yoga of Voice Festival at the Omega Holistic Learning Center featured a who's who of Kirtan artists, who sing mantras repeatedly, a genre also known as chanting.

Her CD has gotten some rave reviews. One critic, Kate Goldsmith, of, wrote, "Mason interweaves affirming melodies and lush harmonic layers with trance-like instrumental streams. "Om Gaia" is an odyssey worth taking."

However, her children -- one in high school and one in college -- are not so benevolent with praise.

"They think it's interesting [that I'm singing now], but it is not their kind of music," she said.

While that may be so, Mason's music is earning her fans in Hawaii, South America and Europe.

What exactly is New Age music about?

"We're trying to connect the mind, body and the spirit altogether," Mason said. "Every human being on this planet, we are all gods and goddesses unfolding."

Mason also writes her own lyrics. She never makes a point to sit down and write a song.

"All this music (melodies and lyrics) was coming to me. It was just so pretty and so different and I wanted to share it," she said.

Mason is determined to deliver her music to as many people as possible, doing her part to increase the genre's fan base. Two of the more popular names in New Age are Yanni and Enya. After those two, the average music fan would be hard-pressed to name others.

"It's a small genre, but it's beautiful music that people use mostly to relax," Mason said.

She would love if future accolades or future albums, resulted in a Grammy nomination or even a Grammy win. However, that is not on her mind right now.

"My biggest goal is to share this music with as many people as possible," said Mason, whose second goal is to get in the studio this spring to work on her second album.

"It's been really fun," she said. "It's just been an amazing experience. It's just so delightful to discover something about yourself that you didn't know existed, and then to discover it makes others happy."

"Om Gaia" is available online at, and on her website, To reserve a spot at the Kaia Yoga event, call