Julie Ruza, 24, of 8 Jennings Court, was arrested on a warrant Tuesday on Bayberry Lane.

The warrant relates to a May incident in which checks were stolen and fraudulently cashed, police said. Through bank surveillance photos, police said Ruza was identified with Christopher Dohme, 23, of 20 Maplewood Ave., who was arrested last week on a warrant for the same charges.

Police said that when officers took Ruza into custody, they reportedly saw drug paraphernalia in plain view. They also allegedly found that Ruza had several syringes and small plastic baggies holding a white powdery substance later found to be heroin.

Ruza was charged with sixth-degree larceny, third-degree forgery, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was released on a bond of $600 for the larceny and forgery charges and a $1,500 bond for the drug charges. She is scheduled to appear Aug. 8 in Norwalk Superior Court.