WESTPORT — A town woman faces harassment charges after she contacted people she was repeatedly told not to have contact with, according to police.

Stacy Blau, 38, of Westport, was charged with two counts of second-degree harassment — non-threatening.

On Feb. 22, an officer took a report from two workers at Kings Highway Elementary School about harassing emails they received from a woman named Stacy Blau about an “ongoing school matter,” police said. Two other employees later filed complaints for the same reason.

“Blau had previously been told by school administration that she should have no contact with any employees other than the one designated point of contact,” police said.

The officer tasked with investigating the reports spoke with Blau and advised her not to contact the victims again and should only contact the point of contact the school had designated. A second Westport police officer also spoke with Blau and told her the same thing.

“Despite the warnings, two of the victims received emails from Blau” in late March, police said. At that point, an arrest warrant application was submitted for Blau. She turned herself in at Westport police headquarters on Friday.

She was released after posting a $1,000 bond. She’s expected in court on May 6.