More wet, stormy weather is likely today -- and right on through most of the holiday weekend -- according to the National Weather Service.

The threat of showers and thunderstorms across southwestern Connecticut today is rated at 100 percent, with a daytime temperature rising to a high in the mid-60s under cloudy skies, the NWS says. There will be a south wind 6 to 13 mph, becoming northwest in the afternoon.

Tonight. more rain is in the forecast as the temperature drops to the upper-40s., with a north wind 14 to 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90 percent.

On Saturday, rain is again likely as the daytime high reaches a temperature only to the mid-50s. It will be breezy, with a northwest wind 16 to 21 mph. Chance of daytime precipitation is 80 percent.

Saturday night should see more rain as the low temperature falls to the low-40s. A northwest wind will be clocked at 16 to 18 mph. Odds of precipitation are 70 percent, the NWS says.

There remains a slight chance of rain Sunday, under mostly cloudy skies as temperatures rise to a high in the mid-60s. There is expected to be a northwest wind 18 to 21 mph. Chance of daytime precipitation is about 20 percent. Nighttime will be partly cloudy, with a low temperature in the upper-40s.

On Monday, Memorial Day, the wet weather cycle finally rolls from the area and holiday skies should be sunny. The daytime temperature is expected to rise to the upper-60s. Night skies should be mostly clear, with a low temperature about 50 degrees.

The outlook for Tuesday, according to the weather service, is sunny and temperatures about 70 degrees.