Enjoy this stretch of relatively nice weather while it lasts, because the National Weather Service warns the outlook for the weekend is not so great.

While skies across southwestern Connecticut are expected to be cloudier today than yesterday, there should be intermittent sunshine as the daytime high temperature of 61 degrees. It will also be somewhat breezy, with a northeast wind between 14 and 16 mph.

Tonight should be mostly cloudy, with a low around 49 degrees.

Tomorrow will be mostly sunny, the NWS says, with a high near 65 degrees and a northeast wind between 8 and 16 mph. The overnight low temperature should be about 50 degrees.

Friday is also expected to be sunny, with a high near 63. The wind will be calmer, clocking in from the north at between 3 and 10 mph.

But both Saturday and Sunday, the weather service predicts it will be cloudy with a chance of showers.