Today's forecast may not be quite as bad as it looks.

Even though there is a chance of showers early this morning, and despite clouds most of the day, temperatures will be considerably warmer than yesterday,

The National Weather service says daytime highs for southwestern Connecticut will be in the mid-50s. There will be a south wind between 6 and 11 mph.

Tonight, according to the NWS, will be mostly cloudy, with a low around 48.

Tuesday begins the same was as Monday -- with a chance of showers, mainly after noon. The day is expected to be cloudy with a high of nearly 60 degrees.

Tomorrow night, temperatures should fall to about 40 degrees, with a northwest wind between 10 and 14 mph.

By Wednesday, the skies should clear. But under sunny skies, temperatures will be only about 48 degrees, the NWS says. It also should be breezy, with a northwest wind between 15 and 22 mph.