Oh, s'no!

The National Weather Service has issued a "hazardous weather outlook" for southwestern Connecticut on Thursday night, warning that a storm moving into the area that could bring "significant snowfall."

Today, meanwhile, is expected to be partly sunny, with a high near 38 degrees. There will be a west wind between 9 and 11 mph.

Tonight there is a chance of snow flurries through early tomorrow. The nighttime low will be 28 degrees.

The NWS predicts tomorrow will mirror today's weather -- mostly sunny, with a daytime high temperature in the high 30s. Wednesday night should be cloudy, with a low around 27.

Thursday will be cloudy, with a high near 37 degrees.

By evening, the weather service warms, there is at least a 30 percent chance of snow as temperatures call into the high 20s.

The forecast, however, is subject to change, the NWS says in its hazardous weather outlook, The timing of the possible storm, as well as its track and strength are "uncertain" at this time.

On Friday, the chance of snow remains in the forecast -- the odds are about 40 percent, the NWS says.