It will be a dark and stormy night in southwestern Connecticut, the National Weather Services warns.

Oh, and watch out for winds and flooding, too.

A storm moving up the East Coast today has prompted the NWS to issue a coast flood warning, a wind advisory and flood watch for the region later today.

The storm is expected to sock the area starting this afternoon and gather intensity overnight. The daytime high temperature will be about 48 degrees, with an east wind between 22 and 25 mph, and gusting as high as 37 mph, the NWS says.

Tonight should see heavier rain -- accompanied by possible thunderstorms -- through 3 a.m. tomorrow. A southeast wind will grow stronger, with gusts up to 50 mph. New rainfall amounts between 1 and 2 inches are possible.

Rain is still possible tomorrow before 9 a.m. But the cloudy skies begin clearing and by afternoon the sun should emerge, with a daytime high temperature of about 56 degrees. A wind from the west will register about 20 mph. Nighttime will be clear, with a low of about 43 degrees.

Monday should be mostly sunny, with a high near 58 degrees, the weather service predicts.