WESTPORT — Undersea adventures are happening at Saugatuck Elementary School this month as the Saugatuck Theater Club prepares for its production of “The Little Mermaid.”

More than 100 kids in grades three through five are participating in the expansive, colorful musical being directed by second-grade teacher Katie Bloom, taking place March 13 and 14.

“This is our second play,” said Bloom, who was a performer and theater instructor before beginning at Saugatuck in 2003. “Some kids that didn’t have a specific hobby or interest have really grabbed onto this, which is neat.”

“It pulls kids from all different grades and abilities together, and they get to support each other,” Bloom continued, noting she enjoys getting to work with the students who had been in her second-grade classroom.

“It’s amazing to see 109 kids come together in a variety of creative and artistic ways,” said Roshawn Lawrence, co-producer and second-grade teacher at Saugatuck.

She said the 90-minute show has 12 songs and 162 costume changes, but the students — thanks to help from many parent volunteers and additional staff — have been up to the challenge.

“It pushes the kids to become more independent academically and socially,” she said, with song, dance and line memorizing, as well as the responsibilities of knowing their cues.

“It’s a great opportunity for kids to really experience theater and arts that they don’t get as much of at school,” said parent volunteer Pam Long. “It’s been an amazing opportunity for the school community to come together.”

For more information, visit www.SaugatuckTheaterClub.org.