Where were you when the blizzard hit town?

When a storm dumps about 3 feet of snow on a community, everybody has a story about it. Here are a few from Westport as the town continued cleaning up this week.

Colin O'Brien, Westport, custodial:

"Quite a change. Winter's still here. It makes it hard to get around, but 'tis the season."

John Blackman, Westport, retired:

"It was a nightmare because they didn't plow my driveway. It took me seven hours to shovel ... But I loved it. I love the winter. I don't mind. It's wonderful."

Eli Mitchell, Westport, 16, student:

"I was at a friend's house, so we stayed inside. When I came home, my dad snowblowed the driveway ... And this morning (the rain) sort of slushed up the snow a bit, so it made it easier to get the rest off."

Zoe Altis, Westport, 16, student:

I had to shovel the snow all day yesterday ... with my little brother, who's like 8, so that kind of sucked."

Susan Knoll, Westport, homemaker:

"This storm wasn't as bad as Sandy. We had a lot of damage during Sandy and luckily this storm left us on top. We were OK."

Eli Debenham, Westport, 13, student:

"We were really lucky. We usually lose power, even if there's a mild storm ... It's hard to walk around, but we got out yesterday."

Robert Cornfield, Westport, self-employed:

"It actually was good family time. We had a fire. We roasted marshmallows. We had egg creams. And those are things we don't always have time to do."

Pamela Cornfield, Westport, real estate agent:

"It was fun ... and it was manageable."

Brianna Cornfield, Westport, 9:

"It was good. I love the snow."

Dana Segal, Westport, 16, student:

"Not that bad. We didn't lose power and got a day off from school, so that's nice. Not a lot of damage."

Jane Jones, Westport, real estate agent:

"The storm was long, but we got plowed out very quickly and our road was plowed very quickly, so it was OK. And we didn't lose power."

Janette Thibodeaux, Derby, anesthetist:

"Horribly. I'm in a condo complex in Derby and they're still snowed in. I had to shovel my car out and make a passageway to get out."

Athalia De La Barra, West Haven, salesperson:

"For me it wasn't much. We got one day snowed in, but I live very close to the highway, and they plowed."