Some were lucky and got off easy.

Others got walloped and struggled to live without heat and power for days ... or worse.

Still others lost nearly everything -- priceless possessions, irreplaceable heirlooms ... and their homes.

But, even two weeks later, nearly everyone has some kind of story to tell about Hurricane Sandy and the havoc it inflicted on Westport and their lives.

Here's a random sampling of storm experiences from people downtown earlier this week:

Abby Jandrucko of Westport: "We delivered (a baby girl) in Manhattan.

The storm was insane ... We left on Saturday before the storm because I didn't want to go into labor and be stuck ... She was born on Halloween and we came home on Friday, and we were among the 20 percent who had power."

Devin Dobran of Weston: "It was really bad. We didn't have power or water for like a week, so we had to stay at my aunt's, and she didn't have power either, (but) we didn't want to be alone."

Julian Oldale of Westport: "We got lucky. We didn't lose power. A few trees came down in the garden, but generally everything was fine. We had some friends come to stay from New York because they were out of power."

Alex Novak of Westport: "We just lost power for seven days. Nothing really that bad. I had a gas stove ... It was a bit taxing at times, but nothing too great. I didn't get it nearly as bad as some people, so I'm thankful. I was lucky."

Kate Gallagher of Norwalk: "Our car got hit by a tree, but in the grand scheme of things we were very lucky. But this town doesn't seem to have been so lucky from the storm."

Arlene Mendelson of Roselyn, L.I.: "We've been refugees for a week and a half (in Weston, with her son), after staying in a dark and cold house for a week. I'm lucky. The South Shore was terrible ... At least my house is standing, less three trees we used to have. But the Long Island Power Authority has been terrible in restoring our power."

Marcy Miller of Norwalk: "I lost power for five days, but it wasn't a tragedy. We just have to prepare in advance, go down to Saugatuck where all the local businesses were open, grab a bite to eat and go home."

Stella Seo of Westport: "We didn't have any damage to the house. We were without power and cable for a little over a week, but otherwise pretty good. We were lucky."

Cheryl Polite of Westport: "We did fine, other than no electricity for seven days ... It's something you deal with ... Sometimes it's just a little longer than others. Fortunately, we didn't lose any property and no one was injured. We're one of the lucky ones."