Westport voters Tuesday mirrored trends for top national and state offices on the ballot, according to unofficial figures.

Although three members of the town's state legislative delegation will be Republicans, Democrats scored solid wins locally in the contests for president, U.S. Senate and House, as well as the lone state legislative district located wholly within the town's borders.

In the race for president, President Barack Obama and running mate, Vice President Joe Biden, easily outpaces the Republican team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan with a tally of 8,494 votes to 6,439.

In the hard-fought race to succeed retiring U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, Westport voters strongly backed U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, the Democrat, over former wrestling executive Linda McMahon, Republican, by a vote of 8,341 to 6,106.

And despite the candidacy of Westport resident Steve Obsitnik for Republicans in the race for the 4th Congressional District seat, incumbent Democrat Jim Himes won easily here with a vote of 8,467 to 6,057.

And in the race for the 136th House of Representatives seat, incumbent Democrat Jonathan Steinberg cruised to a second term victory over Republican Steve Rubin, 7,398 votes to 5,740.

The Republican legislative winners, whose multi-town districts include various sections of Westport, include: state Sens. John McKinney and Toni Boucher, in the 28th and 26th districts, respectively, and state Rep. Gail Lavielle in the 143rd House District.