Westport’s ‘The Hidden Gem’ is both a hair salon and crystal shop

WESTPORT — Each member of the Bonilla family has different interests and significantly different skills.

So when the opportunity to expand their family-owned business came around they jumped at the chance to bring Westport what they believe is the first female-owned hair salon, barbershop and crystal store combination in town.

The new Westport business, The Hidden Gem, recently opened at 6 Maple Ave. South. Sebastian Bonilla, barber and son of owner, Edilma, said he and his mother have been in the hairdresser business for a while. He for eight years and his mother for almost 40. Once they got into the crystal side of it, the business took off.

“We took the opportunity we got with the location and opened something pretty unique,” Bonilla said, adding people have been pretty surprised at the combination.

The family closed down the hair salon and barbershop portion of its Bridgeport location once the crystal side of the business gained popularity and moved to Westport to reach a different audience. He said their Bridgeport store now only operates as a crystal store and is run by Bonilla’s father, Guillermo.

“My mom was the first one to really get into it,” Bonilla said. “She is a pretty spiritual woman and she believes a lot in positive energy.”

“The crystals tie into that whole belief because they’re believed to have these energies that promote those kind of feelings,” he added. “Depending on what you want out of life, there is a crystal out there that can help you with that mentality.”

Bonilla said crystals are not a new concept. He said they have been around for thousands of years and people have used them for everything from healing to warding away negative energy and attracting positive energy.

“I started getting into it a little after she did and for me it has definitely been a positive experience,” he said. “Seeing other people who are into it and hearing their stories is inspiring.”

Opening a new shop in Westport has been a goal for the Bonilla family for a while. Bonilla said as a hairdresser Westport provides a higher-end market and the town also has a large group of people who are spiritual and believe in crystals.

He said if it wasn’t for his father, who custom built all of the furniture in the shop, the business wouldn’t have been possible. He said the business “all ties together” with their different talents, including making custom jewelry.

“Everyone that has gone in here has been surprised at the idea and excited that there is a crystal store in the area,” Bonilla said.

The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. People can make an appointment through the booking system, Fresha, or by calling 203-522-4687.