Five Westport residents have volunteered to work as child advocates and have been sworn in by the Connecticut Superior Court for Juvenile Matters.

They are: Nancy Anderson, Mara Arzi, Andi Friedman, Amy Goldberg and Janet Rubel.

They have completed an intense training program recognized by the National Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children. They will be child advocates for Child Advocates of Southwestern Connecticut, a Norwalk-based non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the emotional, physical, psychological and educational needs of abused or neglected children during their stay in the foster care system.

The carefully vetted volunteers will donate their time and talent to improving the lives of hundreds of foster children throughout Southwest Connecticut. All the volunteers were chosen for their compassion for children, their analytical and negotiating skills, and their diversity of life experiences both personally and professionally.The volunteer class of 2013 is the first group of volunteers graduating from the training program.

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