WESTPORT — As the holiday season begins, Westport police announced its holiday DUI enforcement initiative on Tuesday.

“Thanksgiving marks the state of the holiday season, a time of the year characterized by frequent travel to bring us into the company of family and loved ones,” police said in a news release. “Although known as a time of celebration, sadly this season also annually brings a significant increase in DUI related arrests and crashes.”

According to police, it is estimated adults drink too much and drive about 121 million times per year, resulting in approximately 300,000 incidents of drunken driving each day. It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher in every state. Despite this, police said one person was killed in a drunken-driving crash every 50 minutes in the United States in 2018.

“It was in that year that sadly we saw 10,511 people tragically killed in drunk driving crashes across our country,” police said.

This holiday season, the Westport Police Department will partner with law enforcement agencies across the state and continue to monitor roadways for impaired drivers.

“Being a responsible driver is simple, if you are drinking please do not drive; help to ensure a safe and happy holiday season for all,” police said.