WESTPORT — After receiving multiple complaints about bicyclists recklessly using town roads without regard to posted traffic control signage and rules of the road, police announced Friday a campaign for enforcement in the problem areas.

Police said many of the complaints have been reported in the area of Compo Beach — with weekends being the prime time for incidents to happen.

As a result of these complaints, Westport police efforts are already underway to target the offenders. That being said, police warned any bicyclists in town that if they, among many things, do not obey stop signs and traffic lights, if they don’t keep to the right, if they fail to yield, they could be cited for the violations.

The goal of the campaign, police said, is not to discourage cyclists from enjoying the scenic areas of town. Rather, police said, it is to “educate and ensure the safety of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike while all must share our roads.”

Police encouraged residents to familiarize themselves with local traffic laws, adding that cyclists must follow the same rules as motorists. Bicyclists are also urged to ride single-file, remain alert, keep their head up and look around and be aware of any opening car doors or other hazards.

Bicyclists are also reminded to use hand singals when turning and use extra care at intersection. Before entering traffic, bicyclists should always stop and look all around. Bicyclists should also never hit themselves onto cars.

“Your individual cooperation can make all the difference in making our neighborhoods a safer place to ride,” police said.