WESTPORT — A New York teen and a male minor were allegedly caught trying to deposit a fraudulent check at Westport banks Jan. 24.

The young male juvenile went to both Westport locations of Citibank, attempting to deposit a forged check using a Citibank debit card and PIN number, according to police. The second location, at 399 Post Road West, called police, who were notified the car the juvenile was suspected to have left in was nearby. Officers stopped the car on Post Road West near Kings Highway and found and arrested the minor that had attempted to deposit the check at both banks, according to police.

A 19-year-old resident of East 19th Street in Brooklyn, N.Y., Selwyn Forteau, was driving the car and also arrested. Police charged Forteau with third-degree forgery, fourth-degree larceny, conspiracy to commit the forgery and the larceny, criminal attempt at fourth-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation.

At the police department, an officer found the male minor had several small bags of marijuana while the juvenile was going through the booking process, police said. The juvenile was charged with possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana, an infraction in Connecticut, along with third-degree forgery, criminal impersonation, criminal attempt at fourth-degree larceny and several conspiracy charges.

Forteau was first held on a $10,000 bond, which was later reduced, according to police, and he was released on a promise to appear by the bail commissioner ahead of a Feb. 1 court date.