WESTPORT — A New York woman allegedly tried to use a forged credit card to make purchases at three area Verizon stores Dec. 9, leading police to arrest the suspect and another woman helping her later that day.

The Westport Verizon Wireless Zone on Post Road East called police after a women tried to buy a cell phone upgrade with what seemed to be a fraudulent license and credit card, according to the department. A Norwalk branch of the store reported the same woman had tried to make a fraudulent purchase within the hour.

Officers found the woman as she was leaving a third Verizon retailer in Southport where she had attempted another purchase, police said. The woman had been working with a second New York woman, who had been driving a car in which police allegedly found five fake IDs and five forged credit cards.

Glory Torres and Stephanie Bundrick-Dume were both arrested on the afternoon of Dec. 9 and charged with five counts of second-degree forgery, five counts of third-degree identity theft, five counts of unlawful reproduction of a credit card, one count of attempting to commit fifth-degree larceny, one count of illegal use of a credit card and conspiracy to commit the preceding crimes.

Torres, a 32-year-old resident of Second Avenue in New York City, and Bundrick-Dume, a 25-year-old resident of Grand Concourse in Bronx, are each being held on $25,000 bonds ahead of Dec. 19 court dates.

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