Commuters on Metro-North Railroad are on track for another rough ride today after failure of a feeder power line in New York derailed much of the service yesterday.

Only about one-third the usual ridership on the nation's busiest commuter railroad is expected to be accommodated today -- and the foreseeable future -- until Con Edison repairs the power problem, according to Metro-North officials.

There will be more diesel-powered trains hauling commuters into New York City, west of Stamford, while a sharply reduced schedule of service is planned between Stamford and points east to New Haven.

A significant spike in congestion that typically clogs the region's major highways during the morning and evening rush is also expected as many rail commuters hit the road to find an alternative route to work.

To avoid chaos on both rail and road, state officials are urging commuters to consider car-pooling to work destinations, or to avoid what is likely to be troubled travels altogether by tele-commuting if possible.

Here are the latest details on what Metro-North plans for limited service today: