Westport installing slot machines? Wait ... It's April Fools Day

Photo of Jordan Fenster

Westport will be installing slot machines at three strategic locations around town, and any revenue generated will be used for infrastructure projects.

Or so they would like us to believe.

The post on the town’s Facebook page seems legit. It even comes with a quote: “With state funding to Westport cut yet again, we must find creative methods to close the gap, prevent mill rate increases, and protect our property values.”

There is some precedent, apparently. Bingo was legalized in Connecticut in 1939, the post says, and the three locations certainly do make sense: The Saugatuck train station, the post office and town hall, with Joey’s by the Shore to follow if all goes well.

Of course, it’s all a joke. This is a town that has decided recreational marijuana shops will not grace its streets, even before recreational marijuana is approved by the state.

That, and the release was posted on April 1.

To make it clear, a “for more information” link takes you to a children’s clinic in Arkansas, with a huge “April Fools” graphic.

Nice, Westport. You almost had us there for a minute.