The burglary of an occupied home on Forest Drive in Westport overnight Monday may be part of a larger residential burglary spree that has hit other area communities, according to police.

There has been a rash of night-time burglaries in homes north of Westport, police said Tuesday, and the Forest Drive incident has many of the same characteristics. Most of the break-ins have taken place between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

As of midday Tuesday, no suspects had been identified in connection with the Westport incident.

Police warn residents to secure their homes and vehicles before going to bed at night or leaving home for an extended period. They advise taking precautions like making the home appear to be occupied or activating an alarm system.

People are urged to keep an eye on adjoining properties and report anything suspicious in their neighborhoods. Report such information to police at 203-341-6000 for further investigation.