WESTPORT — First Selectman Jim Marpe announced Tuesday afternoon that Westport has received a “Certificate of Affordable Housing Completion” from the state Department of Housing, granting the town a four-year moratorium on 8-30g applications.

In municipalities that don’t have enough affordable housing in the eyes of the state, any 8-30g application brought before a zoning board can skirt local building regulations and only be denied on traffic, safety or environmental grounds.

The new certificate, which Westport applied for back in December, will prevent developers from using the statute to bypass those building regulations for the next four years, and was reportedly granted based on the progress the town has made in supplying affordable housing.

“I am pleased to receive a positive response from the state,” Marpe said. “I am grateful to members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, members of the Planning and Zoning staff, and attorney Nicholas Bamonte of Berchem Moses PC, all of whom played a role in creating affordable housing opportunities, as well as providing the necessary documentation that resulted in the moratorium being granted.”

Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Paul Lebowitz said, “The granting of the moratorium will allow the commission to continue their efforts to create affordable housing opportunities that are in scale with and can be integrated with the community. The four-year moratorium will not stifle our efforts to provide affordable housing in Westport.”