WESTPORT — The Westport Fire Department are investigating an electrical fire that occurred inside an apartment on Post Road West on Monday.

At 2:45 p.m., the Westport Fire Department were dispatched on report of a smoke alarm going off in an apartment building at 5-23 Post Road West.

Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Gootman said when firefighters arrived and opened the door, they smelled an odor of electrical burning. Firefighters then proceeded to the root of the smell — a closet inside of of the apartment.

“The cause of the electrical fire is still under investigation, but it had something to do with an HVAC unit in one of the apartments,” Gootman said.

According to Gootman, it’s believed one of the switches burned up inside the electric box, which led to it smoking and subsequently setting off the fire alarm.

The incident caused some initial traffic, but police have since reopened the area for drivers, Gootman said.