Westport Board of Finance feted Charles Haberstroh on Wednesday night as he stepped down from the panel after seven years to become a member of the Board of Selectmen.

"You've been a real inspiration to me," Avi Kaner said, adding that things about Haberstroh that made an impression on him were his "passion for the town and your passion for doing the right thing for the taxpayer ... Yours are big shoes to fill."

The board gave Haberstroh a plaque featuring the cover letter from a recent refinancing of municipal bonds.

Allyson Stollenwerck said Haberstroh clearly cares about the town and "never shied away from asking the tough questions," while Edward Iannone said he served as a "steady hand" for Westport.

"It was a real challenge over the years," Haberstroh said. "It is a really meaningful way to give to your neighbor and the town even though it's tough and challenging, it's very rewarding to do that."

One of the issues Haberstroh cited was the hiring of an internal auditor. "It took a while but thank to a lot of people we have an internal auditor," he said. "I urge the board to continue to support that. I think over the long haul we will really see the effects of our internal auditor."