Fencer Lucas Wetmore, 18, of Westport has qualified for the Junior Olympics and will compete in Kansas City, Missouri this weekend February 17-20.

Wetmore, who has been fencing for seven years, was inspired to take up the sport after viewing the swordplay in the movie Star Wars.

"I enjoy the strategy in fencing," said Wetmore, who began his fencing career with, and still trains at, New Amsterdam Fencing Academy (NAFA) North, Port Chester, New York in a press release. "And the community of it. Everyone at my club is close to each other. We have fun and still get work done."

"We're so proud of Lucas and our three other Junior Olympic qualifiers," said John Gonzalez, NAFA North club owner and coach, who is a former champion fencer himself. "Our club is unique in that recreational fencers train right along with our competitive fencers with everyone contributing their experience, learning from each other and cheering each other on."

Lucas says his goals for the Junior Olympics are to "keep in control and fence well." He fences with a foil in the U20 category.

Beyond the Junior Olympics, Lucas was recruited to fence in Division 1 at Sacred Heart University.