Westport elects new BOE members

A voter checks in at the Westport Public Library polling station on Nov. 8, 2016 in Westport, CT.

A voter checks in at the Westport Public Library polling station on Nov. 8, 2016 in Westport, CT.

Chris Marquette / Hearst Connecticut Media

WESTPORT — The town saw a mix of uncontested key races and incumbents get reelected during this year’s election.

Democrats Kevin Christie and Christina Torres and Republicans Robert Harrington and Dorie Hordon were elected for the Board of Education. All four are new. Alma Sarelli ran unsuccessfully as a write-in candidate.

Democrats Brian Stern, Lee Caney and Republican Michael Keller were elected for the Board of Finance. All three are incumbents and were uncontested.

Some candidates, like District 9 Representative Town Meeting member Sal Liccione, were reelected.

“I feel very happy to be reelected,” Liccione said. “I love serving the town of Westport and I think whoever our next first selectperson is, I am willing to work with them.”

Liccone was of the leaders in the District 9 race for RTM. While some of the RTM races are still being finalized, District 2 and Districts 4 through District 8 were uncontested.

In District 2, Jay Keenan, Harris Falk, Louis Mall and Christine Meiers Schatz were all reelected. In District 4, Andrew Colabella, Noah Hammond and Jeffrey Wieser were reelected, as well as newcomer James Bairaktaris.

Peter Gold, Dick Lowenstein, Karen Kramer, and Claudia Shaum led the charge in District 5 and Candace Banks, Seth Braunstein, Jessica Bram and Cathy Talmadge were elected in District 6.

RTM District 7 and District 8 elected candidates Brandi Briggs, Jack Klinge, Ellen Lautenberg Hendel, Lauren Karpf, Wendy Goldwyn Batteau, Lisa Newma, Stephen Shackelford and Rachel Steel Cohn.

District 1, District 3 and District 9 will be updated as results continue to come in.

In the other races outside of the RTM, Democrats Josh Newman and Amy Wistreich were also elected to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Democrats Ifeseyi Gayle and Lynette Pineda won out in the race for the Board of Assessment Appeals

Lastly, Democrats Danielle Dobin, Michael Cammeyer and Neil Cohn were all reelected to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

This story has been updated to show Alma Sarelli, a write-in candidate, ran for a seat on the Board of Education.