WESTPORT — One local feline may have used up a few of its nine lives Wednesday after getting tarpped in a car’s engine block.

Westport Fire personnel were on a fire safety stand-by for the Fairfield County Hunt Club Horse Show when they were approached by an employee who reported that she had a kitten trapped inside her car.

She stated that when she stopped at a Dunkin Donuts in Norwalk for a coffee she found someone looking under her car near the front tire.

According to a statement released by the Westport FIre Department, this person told her that he saw a kitten jump up under her car while she was inside the store. They looked for a while and did not see any evidence of the cat so they assumed the cat left and she drove to Westport to work at the horse show. When she arrived at the Fairfield County Hunt Club she heard meowing from her engine compartment and she summoned help.

The crew on stand-by looked for the cat and could not locate him so they called for the Shift Commander and Rescue Company. The stow-a-way kitten had crawled up into a space between the front bumper and the radiator.

Crews worked for over two hours raising up the vehicle and removing various car parts to access the area where the kitten was hiding. Westport Animal Control Officer Gina Gambino was called to the scene to assist in the rescue and take care of the cat after he was extricated. Officer Gambino and horse show staff took the kitten to a veterinarian who was already on the premises for the horse show.