WESTPORT—A Westport couple intends to sue the town, and one of its employees, after they were hit by a municipal worker driving a truck in front of Town Hall.

Fairfield law firm Ury & Moskow, LLC, filed a notice of intent to sue on behalf of clients, Peter Sternbach, 80, and Annemarie Sternbach, 79, both of Westport, claiming that on May 6 at around 4 p.m., Westport Town Engineer I Bryan Thompson, 49, of Fairfield, hit the Sternbachs with his 2001 blue Ford F-150 on the sidewalk located at the northside exit of 110 Myrtle Avenue.

The letter states, "Town employee Bryan Thompson was exiting the parking lot and looked only to his left for oncoming traffic and then proceeded forward without seeing Mr. and Ms. Sternbach who were crossing in front of his truck on the sidewalk. See police report attached for further details. Mr. Thompson was in the course of his employment at the time of the incident."

The notice claims that as a result of the incident, Mrs. Sternbach suffered a fracture of both her wrists requiring surgery, a compression fracture of the L3 disc of the lumbar spine as well as a number of bruises and scrapes. Mr. Sternbach’s injuries are listed as pain in soreness in his back and legs.

Detective Sharon Russo, who compiled the police crash report, states that Pedestrian 1 (Mrs. Sternbach) and Pedestrian 2 (Mr. Sternbach) were walking on the paved sidewalk on Myrtle Avenue and as they were walking on the sidewalk, they were both struck by Operator 1’s (Thompson’s) vehicle that was exiting the parking lot. The force of the accident caused Pedestrian 1 (Mrs. Sternbach) to fall into the roadway, the report states.

Russo mentions that Mrs. Sternbach experienced a severe injury to her left wrist and had neck, hip and back pain where Mr. Sternbach had an injury to his back and legs. Both Sternbachs were transported to Norwalk Hospital for emergency medical treatment. Russo determined, in her report, that Operator 1 (Thompson) was at fault for the accident as he failed to yield when he crossed the sidewalk.

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