Live updates on how Westport is dealing with the storm

A steady snow falls on Wednesday March 7, 2018 in Westport Conn.

A steady snow falls on Wednesday March 7, 2018 in Westport Conn.

Alex von Kleydorff / Hearst Connecticut Media

WESTPORT — The area will likely get 12 to 18 inches of snow, with the possibility of accumulations up to two feet, according to the National Weather Service.

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5:30 p.m.

Fire Chief and Emergency Response Director Robert Yost said it has been a relatively quiet day with residents following officials’ advice to stay off the roads.

“We did get a lot of snow, but so far we’re dodging a bullet here,” he said. “But if it starts changing to freezing rain that could be another story.”

Eversource has reported no power outages in town as of 5 p.m. The emergency response team is planning to meet later today to review the past day as well as plans for the night.

Yost said winds are sticking to pick up, but residents remaining off the road has helped officials in their cleanup preparations.

“Everyone took our advice and stayed off the roads,” he said. “Plows are out and doing their thing and if the next few hours we can get through the wind and the potential for freezing rain then I’ll be happy.”

The schools announced Tuesday would be a remote learning day.

“Today’s winter storm will not be winding down until later this evening,” Superintendent of Schools Thomas Scarice said in an email to families and staff on Monday evening. “The ongoing clean-up efforts by the Department of Public Works and the need for our custodians to spend time clearing the schools tomorrow, will make it difficult to open our schools in the morning.”

He said this is consistent with how the December storm was handled.

1 p.m.

First Selectman Jim Marpe said around nine inches of snow fell early this morning with staff well prepared for cleanup.

“We’re fully prepared to begin removing the snow,” Marpe said. “Our trucks are out trying to stay a little bit ahead of it, but frankly with so much snow coming down there’s limited progress we can make.”

Marpe, who closed Town Hall for the day, said the Department of Public Works won’t be able to begin full clearing until the storm begins to dissipate. The Westport Library has also closed for the day due to the snow.

“That’s why we’re asking everyone to just stay home,” he said, adding this will help the plows to make as much progress as they can.

Marpe said no incidents were reported in town. Eversource reported no power outages as of noon.

He said the snow is expected to continue at a heavy rate well into the evening before tapering off. He added it will be decided tonight if town hall will be open to appointments on Tuesday.

“That will allow us to hopefully clear all the roads and be in some kind of position to open tomorrow,” he said. “That said, it’s too early for me or schools to know if we’ll be open for business and in-person schooling tomorrow.”

8 a.m.

Marpe activated Westport’s Emergency Operations Center Sunday afternoon in anticipation of the “significant snowstorm,” which is expected to drop 12 to 18 inches of snow over 36 hours, the Westport Fire Department and the town’s emergency management team announced.

Westport closed all of the schools and said 12-month employees will be working remote, according to a recording sent out by the district.

Town Hall and other town facilities are closed to public appointments on Monday with employees encouraged to work from home where possible.

“We ask that all residents stay off the roads during this snow emergency so our Public Works and Connecticut DOT personnel can clear them as quickly and safely as possible and our Public Safety personnel can more easily respond to emergencies,” the fire department and emergency management team said. “Thank you for your cooperation as we work to minimize the impact of this storm. Please stay safe at home.”