With a snip of the ceremonial ribbon, Super Stop & Shop officials Friday celebrated completion of a months-long renovation project at its Post Road East store.

"This is the power side of the store," explained manager, Mark Gerson, pointing to some of the changes to the right side of the building, opposite the produce section.

There is an area where the former flower shop has been replaced by a Starbucks outlet. There's also a new salad and sandwich bar where employees will make something special for customers "on the go," as well as a self-service salad bar, said Gerson.

He said the company expects an uptick in sales in that area of the grocery store.

In fact, that's where Janet Fears was selecting items for the four salads she was assembling Friday morning. "I live in Orange, but I come here once a week," she said. "Everything here is so fresh." She said she likes the new look of the store. "I knew they were doing something and it looks great," she said.

The store remained open during the makeover -- which began on July 1 -- and there was no expansion to the actual building.

Dan Selig, a Westport resident who regularly shops at the store, said he was impressed by some of the new items.

"This store is always clean and everything is fresh and organized," said Selig, who was cruising the produce aisle with his son, Zachary, 3.

Mike Dawson, also a regular customer, liked the changes and was impressed by the expanded cheese section. "It looks like there's more to choose from," he said.

Roberto Ordonez of Weston said he shops at several of the Stop & Shop stores in the area and happened to be in the area Friday.

He was unaware of the renovations, but said he noticed some of the new offerings and liked what he saw. "They did a good job," he said.

Gerson said the store has also increased its offerings of natural food products for health-conscious customers. The dairy and frozen food departments were also expanded.

Gerson said the Westport store is one of the chain's busiest serving about 29,000 customers weekly. He said that was one of the reasons for the upgrade, which was a decision made by corporate headquarters.

Super Stop & Shop is at 1790 Post Road East. Call 203-254-848. For hours and other details, visit http://bit.ly/H40waH.