Westport Selectman Gavin Anderson resigned because of health reasons Tuesday.

Anderson, a Republican, submitted a letter to First Selectman Gordon Joseloff stepping down not only from the Board of Selectmen, but also as chairman and member of the First Selectman's Maintenance Committee and of the Sherwood Mill Pond Committee.

"It is with deep regret that I accept Gavin's resignation from his town positions," Joseloff said in a statement.

"He has served Westport and its citizens over the years with devotion, perseverance and a profound commitment to make our town a better place. Indeed we are a better town because of Gavin's hard work and unwavering devotion to Westport.

"Shelly Kassen joins me and my fellow citizens in wishing him well as he faces the challenges ahead."

Under the town charter, a vacancy on the Board of Selectmen is filled by the two remaining members, who appoint someone who is not a member of their political party, for the remainder of the term, which expires in 2013.