About 130 community-minded volunteers -- both youths and adults -- fanned out across Westport May 1 for "Service Sunday" organized by the Service League of Boys.

Volunteers worked on a total of 17 projects selected with the help of the town's Department of Human Services to help those in need. Work ranged from construction and carpentry to painting to yard cleanup to power-washing and beyond.

The Service League of Boys -- a group of teenagers that goes by the tongue-in-cheek and very inaccurate acronym SLOBs -- helped raise money for Service Day materials by staging what the Guinness Book of World Records said was the largest-ever mass arm wrestling match on March 11 at Staples High School. Some 214 students, parents and school staff participated.

Even as it was deep into planning the Service Sunday projects, SLOBs last month diverted its efforts to gather blankets, work gloves, towels and other supplies for shipment to Japan, where rescue efforts were underway after the devastating earthquake and tsunami there.