Rotarian Paul Spiekermann comes to the Westport Rotary Club at noon Tuesday to discuss, "Meeting Leprosy."

The talk will draw on Spiekermann's experience with the disease and its victims. The talk at the Inn at Longshore is open to the public; fee is $20 per person.

Spiekermann graduated from the University of Bonn and the Hamburg Institute for Tropical Diseases, both in Germany. He worked post-grad at the Lutheran Hospital of Maryland in Baltimore, and at the Bonn University hospitals. Certified in tropical medicine and in dermatology, he practiced medicine in Indonesia, researched drugs in Southeast Asia, and was senior vice president for medical affairs at Bayer USA in West Haven.

In the past, Westport Rotary has given up to $50,000 annually to more than 35 nonprofit organizations. These donations support scholarships for Staples students and funding for international projects to bring clean water and improve literacy in developing countries. This year, Rotary partners with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to continue the club's goal of eradicating polio worldwide.

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