Changes in permits for local railroad parking are being implemented.

The permit waiting list is now online, according to the Police Department's Railroad Parking Division.

Those on the waiting list to park at the Saugatuck and Greens Farms depots are required to update their information annually each January, police said. Reminders will be emailed. Anyone who fails to update their information will be removed from the waiting list.

The online list enables those waiting for a permit to see their current status.

An account number is required to access the list, which will either be emailed or sent by regular mail to all those on the current list.

In the railroad permit renewal period during May, those who have permits have the option of choosing between two permits -- a permit for a single vehicle is available at $325 annually and a $450 permit is available for two vehicles.

Restrictions that apply to the two-vehicle permit include: both vehicles must be registered to the same family at the same address and the permit can be used for only one vehicle at a time. Any alterations, duplications or misuse of the permit will result in the revocation of the permit, police said.

Regulations still allow for $5 temporary permits for a permit holder whose vehicle is in a repair shop for a short term.

Permit renewals and wait list access is available at To ensure receipt of emails, officials advise adding to an email address book or safe sender list.