WESTPORT — After a series of efforts to contact a missing two-year-old boy’s relatives, police received a tip from an attorney representing the child’s family that led them to find the child.

Detectives located Messiah Frazier safe at a relative’s home in New York City around 2:30 p.m. Dec. 2, after he had been last seen between 2 and 3 p.m. in Norwalk the day before. He was safe and healthy and transported to the Department of Children and Families’ custody in Connecticut.

A family member reported Messiah missing from a Westport address Dec. 1, Lt. David Farrell said. The child’s grandmother, who had custody of the two-year-old, died that day of natural causes.

She lived at the address from which the boy was reported missing, Farrell said, and there was no paperwork or direction for anyone other than the grandmother to have custody of the child.

Police said the department will continue to investigate the boy’s uncle, Danny Frazier, who was last seen with Messiah at a barber shop in Norwalk. Police say Frazier reportedly left the child unsupervised while he went to check cashing and cell phone stores and a bank in the area.

Police have yet to speak with or confirm information with Frazier, but he is currently the primary person of interest in the incident and detectives are looking into potential charges, Farrell said. Due to the death in the family, police are allowing time before they will eventually request Frazier go in for an interview.

The department’s priority had been ensuring Messiah’s safe return, Farrell added.

Westport Police were working with the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service and Norwalk Police to find the toddler. A Silver Alert was issued late Dec. 1.

The child had been brought to Manhattan and dropped off at a female relative’s home, Farrell said. Police were afraid that the boy could be in danger because of a medical condition. According to police, the child is non-verbal.

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