The Westport Planning & Zoning Commission has unanimously re-elected Ron Corwin, chairman; Ellie Lowenstein, vice chairman, and David Press, secretary.

The officers were elected last week and their terms run until December 2011. P&Z commissioners are elected for four-year terms, but officers are selected annually as part of their annual meeting, according to Planning & Zoning Director Laurence Bradley.

In January, the commission plans to set its goals for 2011. Using the 2007 Plan of Conservation and Development as a guide, the panel, operating in its planning function, establishes its goals and objectives. Reviewing public applications is an essential requirement for the commission, and in a given year, it will decide on 60 to 100 of them.

In addition, the commission is charged with establishing a regulatory framework that facilitates and allows the achievement of the townwide objectives established in the Plan of Conservation and Development.

"I'm honored to continue to serve as chairman and to have the opportunity to work with this commission," Corwin said in a statement. "We are addressing issues for Westport that are crucial to the town's vitality and are of real importance to homeowners. I am privileged to work with thoughtful, knowledgeable and caring colleagues to achieve our town objectives."