Weston Board of Selectmen reopen school fields

WESTON — The Board of Selectmen approved opening the athletic fields at Weston Public Schools after a trial reopening of Weston High School’s running track this week.

“We’ve had a little while of the track being open and I haven’t had a complaint,” First Selectman Chris Spaulding said at the meeting on Wednesday.

The opening of the fields marks the next step in the town’s phased-in approach to reopening.

Emergency Management officer Joseph Miceli said he spent time at the track on Tuesday to see usage level.

“There were not many people there at all,” he said. “They were very well spaced out on the track and seemed to be abiding by the rules we established for the usage.”

Several conditions apply to the fields’ opening: Competitive sports are not allowed, group sizes are to be limited to five and everyone must wear a face mask while standing and speaking with others.

“I feel like we’ll be successful, especially with the assistance of the school security staff during the daytime business hours,” Miceli said. “ I think that will help communicate our message and the importance of social distancing.”

Garbage cans will be installed so masks, gloves and other refuse can disposed of, he said.

Spaulding said since April 23, the town has only seen six new positive coronavirus cases, but cautioned numbers could spike if residents don’t abide by social distancing rules.

“This is going to be a major citizen effort,” he said, adding it’s the town’s goal to try and keep the fields open.

Spaulding said if residents don’t comply or a lot of complaints are sent, the fields will close. If the reopening is successful, he said the next step will be opening Bisceglie-Scribner Park and Morehouse Farm Park on May 20.

Selectwoman Samantha Nestor said it will be important to communicate the social distancing guidelines to residents to avoid confusion. She added she would like to delay the opening of the parks until May 25 to receive feedback on how reopening the fields has gone.

But Selectman Stephan Grozinger said opening the parks on May 20 may be best with warm weather expected next week.

“I think it would behoove us to give Weston residents as many options as possible so that they can spread out when they want to take advantage of the good weather,” Grozinger said.