After Superstorm Sandy inflicted major damage on Burying Hill Beach last October, workers this spring are restoring the battered shoreline.

The town hired Grasso Construction of Norwalk to repair the damaged seawall, and the staircase will also be reinforced as part of a project that will continue for about another four weeks, Stephen Edwards, the public works director, said last week.

"The cost is about $57,000 to $58,000," he said. "Then there'll be some other associated support work on it -- replacement of fencing and things like that."

He said the storm damage "was mostly an erosion of the embankment. They're replacing fill material and putting back slope pavement and repairing some stone seawall. One side got hit pretty hard by Sandy."

The project was approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which will share the costs.

"Anything that is approved by them, we can then submit back in for reimbursement," Edwards said. "Dependent upon what final work scope is approved how everything goes, it's typically 75-25," with FEMA paying the larger amount.

"We've been working with FEMA since Storm Sandy," he said, "so essentially it's an ongoing process. Right after the storm hit, within several weeks or a month after that, we sat down with FEMA and began doing various projects ... began working out the scope of work."

"Right now we've completed the Hillspoint Road revampment," he said. "We've completed the Beachside repairs. There were a number of repairs out there. We've repaired down on Soundview, and then we've just completed the revampment around the sailing school."

"Harbor Road is the next big one," he said. "We're still working on the final work scope."

He said there are some other items that fall under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Department, but the town has largely repaired the public damage from Hurricane Sandy.

"For the most part we're starting to get around the corner," Edwards said.