The Westport Antiques & Vintage Market, an open-air collectors' emporium established last year, is waving goodbye -- a day after launching its second season next to the Saugatuck Railroad Station.

"This is our sixth market counting this year and last year, and with each market the attendance has dropped off by 200 people," said Deborah Press, the WAVE market organizer. "Nobody came and it must be that the antiques market is going the way of the dinosaur."

Press, who said she advertised heavily, attributed the lag in attendance to a generational shift in attitudes toward antiques and the ability to shop online.

"The younger generation is just not interested in antiques," Press said. "I think they're interested in artisanal and green and sports and gadgets, but they're not into antiques. They don't decorate with antiques, they're not into the muss and fuss of antiques."

The market had convened the first session of the season Sunday -- five more were planned through August -- and more than 70 vendors with a range of antique and vintage wares had set up shop in a parking lot of the railroad station.

During Sunday's market, Press told the Westport News, "It's an old-fashioned antiques market. The dealers and the merchandise are carefully chosen. It goes the whole gamut.

"There's no junk in it."

But Press said many dealers were not planning to return after Sunday's poor attendance.

"A lot of the dealers wouldn't come back, which I understand," she said Monday. "And I can't say to other dealers, `Come to Westport, there's a great market.' There was a great market, but if you really want to buy stuff, you can go online in the comfort of your home and do it. You don't touch it, feel it, that's true. But if you're that into antiques you can do it."