On Nov. 8, Westport voters helped obtain a landslide victory for all four Save Westport Now candidates to the Planning and Zoning Commission. While Ron Corwin's term is not yet up, he will no longer be chairman. Corwin's controversial and unwelcome leadership was the basic reason for our votes. Even we underestimated the anger and dissatisfaction the voters have for his leadership. Save Westport Now, a nonpartisan grass-roots organization with a place on the ballot, offered an opportunity to refocus Westport's future planning and zoning, which in the long run govern our way of life.

I am hopeful that Ron Corwin will get the message and cooperate with the new commission. But Jim Ezzes, chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, is not content. He refered to the campaign as a personal attack on "one person" -- Corwin. Ezzes misjudges the voters' decision. There was nothing personal against Ron Corwin, but there was and is about his leadership. He is out of touch with the electorate.

I want to thank all the voters who wrenched themselves away from party loyalty to vote with us and all those who contributed, spoke on our behalf and supported our candidates and our aims. We thank the Republican party for its collaboration. Above all we thank our four candidates, Jack Whittle, Cathy Walsh, Chip Stephen and Al Gratrix who have promised us a more transparent and vibrant program of what all of us want for Westport.

Sidney B. Kramer

Chairman, Save Westport Now

EDITOR'S NOTE: The four candidates elected to the Planning and Zoning Commission each was listed twice on the ballot, one as Republican and once as SWN.