A Noroton volunteer firefighter, who lives in Westport, is accused of pulling a gun on his 19-year-old sister during a heated confrontation early Monday at his Park Lane residence, police said. He was arraigned Monday at Norwalk Superior Court.

Police were called to the home of Michael Palumbo, 22, after police said he and his sister argued, prompting Palumbo at one point to pull out a handgun and brandish it.

He was arrested on charges of first-degree threatening, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and possession of a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He was unable to post the $5,000 bond and appeared in court later that day.

Judge Maureen Dennis ordered Palumbo to refrain from drinking alcohol or taking drugs, and released him on a promise to appear in court.

Palumbo told police the argument started because he was upset that his sister was able to have her boyfriend in her room, and that "when he tried to have girlfriends over to the house he was never allowed, so he did not think that (his sister) should be allowed to either."

Police said that Palumbo had called his father, who was in Pennsylvania looking at colleges with another sibling, to report that he had told his sister's boyfriend that he needed to leave, to which his father responded, "OK."

Palumbo entered his sister's bedroom, according to police, and told his sister's boyfriend that he needed to leave the house by midnight, which resulted in an argument that involved pushing and shoving.

Palumbo told police that during the argument he brandished his Smith and Wesson .45-caliber handgun that was in a holster on his right hip and started screaming, "Get out of this house!" according to the report.

Later, according to the report, he stated that after he pulled out the gun, he "realized it was probably a bad idea."

His sister and boyfriend left the residence with Palumbo's 14-year-old brother. Palumbo called 911 shortly after they all left the house because, according to the police report, he was upset that his sister took his younger brother with her.

Officers said that Palumbo smelled of alcohol, and that he told them he had been drinking with friends prior to the argument.

Palumbo told officers that the rest of his firearms were at his grandparents' house, where he had been staying for four weeks, next door to his parents' house. Police confiscated three other firearms: a Mosin-Nagant rifle .762-caliber; Smith and Wesson handgun 380 caliber, and another Smith and Wesson handgun .45 caliber.