What they said about Hurricane Sandy:

"I saw what happened last year, which shocked me. And they're saying this could be worse."

-- Scott Smith, who lives in the Compo Beach neighborhood of Westport

"I had four feet (of water) last year in my garage. I have everything from my garage in my house right now."

-- Lisa Neufeld, who lives near Compo Beach in Westport

"This comes with the territory, when you live at the beach. People here are worried, but they're not panicked."

-- Mark McKeown, who lives near Compo Beach in Westport

"This is an unprecedented storm. This will be a storm of long duration, high winds and record-setting flooding. Take Storm Irene from last year and double it."

-- First Selectman Gordon Joseloff

"The preparation window is closing rapidly. People need to use the remaining time to move their cars, secure their properties, and lay in an adequate supply of food and water -- at least three days' worth. And fair warning here, we expect the entire town to lose power, with restoration maybe taking a week or more."

-- Fire Chief Andrew Kingsbury

"It's not going to prevent all the water from going through, but the brunt of the impact is going to be on this wall. The pavilion, Joey's (by the Shore restaurant), the playground, the lifeguard shack -- all of that is going to be protected."

-- Deputy Police Chief Foti Koskinas, on the sand mountain barrier at Compo Beach

"It may be a little extreme, but better safe than sorry."

-- Rabia de Lande Long, on his storm preparations

"Down here you always have to be worried. We're not overly concerned, but you always have to be prepared, given where you are."

-- Lincoln Weekes, who lives on Canal Road near the Saugatuck River

"We had no idea last year what to expect last year because it was just out of the blue. This year, I feel more prepared."

-- Tony Sousa, Saugatuck Island resident

"This storm needs to be taken seriously, and just as the state is taking preparatory actions, I encourage the public and all of the state's utility companies to do the same."

-- Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

"This looks like the beach at the Normandy invasion."

-- Westporter atop the sand mountain at Compo Beach.

"It's moving fast!"

-- Westport police officer commenting on water filling Parker-Harding Plaza at high tide Monday morning.