Blustery breezes Saturday made Kite Day a soaring success at Earthplace.

But the spring winds upended a few other plans at the nature center.

"Although it's good for flying kites, it's not so good for craft activities" outdoors, Becky Newman, the Earthplace program manager, observed of the windy conditions

"In the past we've always done an activity that was just Kite Day," Newman said. This year, however, "We expanded the concept to include all things that soar," she said, including bird-related activities and windsock-making.

Visitors nonetheless found different attractions to hold their interest.

For instance, Abigail Morse, 9, of Stamford, met a rabbit named Athena.

"I think they're really cute," she said. "I have two gerbils and they're kind of like the same thing, only smaller."

Rafael Santaella of Stamford and his family enjoy being members of Earthplace. "We come here very often. We have been members since he was one," he said, referring to his 8-year-old son Marco.

"It's a wonderful place," Santaella added. "We need more of these kinds of places that offer contact with nature."

For Marco, it was the first time he tried to build a kite, but he was ably assisted by junior staff members Jory Teltser, 12.

"It's creative," said Marco, who also brought his own kite, just in case kite-making fell short.

Two junior volunteers -- Jonathan Russo, 13, and Anthony Cochrane, 12, both of Westport -- arrived early to see what heights their own kites could attain.

"I like kite flying," Anthony said. "I think it's just really fun to come out and fly kites. I think it's something that everyone should do once in their lifetime. I think it's a staple of my childhood, like riding a bike."

"It's a little windy, which is great," said Sara Cronquist, assistant to the associate director and volunteer coordinator. "We're happy to have a windy day. It's a great day for springtime activities."