WESTPORT — A photo of a Trump sign in front of the Westport home of FBI Director James Comey went viral, but the sign is no longer there.

The home, currently on the market for $2.5 million, is located on Westway Road and it is unclear if the controversial FBI head is living there. On Monday, Nov. 7 there was a car in the driveway and a garbage bag by the front door but no Donald Trump sign out front.

On Nov. 6 a Facebook user by the name of Chris Grimm published a photo of a Trump/Pence sign in front of the home. The sign was outside of the fence of the home and it was unclear who put it there.

Comey, who was the former head of Westport-based hedge fund Bridgewater before taking over the FBI under President Barack Obama, made news in the past week bringing the issue of Hillary Clinton’s emails back into the spotlight.

On Nov. 6 Comey confirmed Clinton would still be facing no charges in regards to the email issue.