The fall season is over.

But it was definitely great while it lasted.

That thought, and many others, finally began to sink into my head over this past weekend as the first sports season of the year came to a close.

It was probably somewhere between the 40th shovel of snow and Heisman Trophy presentation.

But it was those thought that, while spending much of last Saturday in the driveway like many of us, made the tedious task of clearing off my own car much more of a relaxing time than normal.

It also gave me an opportunity to think back and remember the great fall season for what it really was: fun.

A whole bunch of fun.

Pretty simple and straightforward, but covering sports in the FCIAC this past fall season was an absolute blast.

It brought out a kind of joy and enthusiasm for anyone that was lucky enough to be along for the ride, and if you weren’t, my apologies, because it certainly was the best time in the whole state.

The classic games, the bitter rivalries, and even a wacky headline or two, getting the opportunity to witness many of those moments firsthand made for an experience that will stay with the communities that took part and for a journalist from Stratford.

Whether it was watching the back-and-forth battle between Ridgefield and Staples in football, the wild finishes in nearly every girls soccer match, or the gritty effort of Christine Taylor and the rest of the Wreckers field hockey team en route to the Class L crown.

All the overtimes and the last second moments, made for top notch stories and memories.

Now, as the final seconds of the fall 2017 year ticked off the clocks, the look back over the fierce competition, the intense volleyball matches and epic field hockey battles, proved how great of a fall season it really was.

But all great things much come to an end and while the excitement for the winter season has begun to swell — because let’s face it winter season is great too.

The longing for the fall competition has remained in the minds of many — it has for this reporter.

While the FCIAC continued to show dominance in the fall, the winter season has tip-toed upon everyone, much like the recent snow of the past week.

The eagerness of the winter season has arrived and although the fall season left many of us with moments that will last the test of it, it will be remembered, not just by myself, but by the players, coaches, and all those that were involved, as helping to set the tone for the rest of the year.

Fall is done and winter is here.

But it will be a long time before anyone forget what happened in the fall season.

ajohnson@hearstmedia; Twitter: @aronJohnson_