Three teenagers were arrested June 14 after a late-night party on Sandhopper Trail.

Michael Hammer, 18, of Trailing Rock Lane, and Christopher Marsilio, 19, of Bluff Point, were charged with interfering with an officer. Hammer was also charged with possession of alcohol by a minor.

Julia Backon, 19, of Sandhopper Trail, was charged with sale of alcohol to minors.

Officers were sent to Sandhopper Trail to investigate a noise complaint. Several young people standing outside a house scattered inside when they saw police. Several cans of beer and cups with beer were strewn around the yard, and more alcohol was found inside, police said.

As officers were taking down the names of the youths, Hammer allegedly picked up two case of beer and began to run. Marsilio also attempted to run from the house. Both were caught soon after.

Bail for Hammer and Marsilio was set at $250 and both are scheduled to appear June 24 in Norwalk Superior Court. Backon was released on a promise to appear June 24 in court.